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Exclusive Vendors Lists for Weddings

Oatlands' wedding clients are required to choose their catering services from the following options:       

For a print-friendly PDF list, click here.


Visit us at www.amphoracatering.com.

Email Marcello Solari at cateringsales@amphoragroup.com or call 703-938-3800


Visit us at www.elevencourses.com

Email Melissa Benson at mbenson@elevencourses.com or call 410-459-6773


Visit us at www.designcuisine.com.

Email Annie Fish at afish@designcuisine.com or call 703-769-7346.


Visit us at www.occasionscaterers.com.

Email Danielle Redmond at dredmond@occasionscaterers.com or call 202-454-7827.


Visit us at www.purpleonioncatering.com.

Email Paige Bryan at paige@purpleonioncatering.com or call 703-631-0050 - Ext 312


Visit us at www.SavoirFareLimited.com.

Email Joan Wolford at joan@savoirfarelimited.com or call 540-338-8300

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Visit us at www.spilledmilkcatering.com

Email Amit Gulati at amit@spilledmilkcatering.com or call 202-525-6455

Visit us at www.catering.com

Email Debbie Beard at dbeard@catering.com or call 703-752-9413


Exclusive tenting provided by:

Capital Party Rentals
Brittany Batcheler, Sales Executive


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