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Summer Camp Field Trip Programs


Chores, Games and Toys and Mansion Tour (2 hours)

Campers tour the house and garden learning about the children who lived at Oatlands, the chores they did, and the games and toys they enjoyed.  After the museum tour campers will use hands-on objects to explore different chores, play games and play with old fashioned toys.  Campers will compare their chores, games and toys to those of long ago. A buzz saw craft is included in the visit.

What’s Growing in the Garden and Mansion Tour (2 hours)

Wander the garden paths and discover what’s growing.  Oatlands is home to over 4 acres of formal gardens with secret passages through the boxwoods, fountains and all sorts of “wild” life (bugs, frogs, bunnies).  Campers will be guided through garden exploration, including the herb garden.  Campers then visit the mansion to see how people lived long ago and learn the history of Oatlands. A garden tussie mussie craft is included in the visit.

Time and Technology Travelers and Gardens (2 hours)

Take a quest throughout the mansion and experience how lives changed over time.  By spying for clues, campers learn about the creature comforts added to Oatlands by both the Carter and Eustis families who lived here.  Questions like: where did they go to the bathroom? How did they heat their rooms? and how did they light up the house at night? are all explored.  Campers get to travel to the basement to see some of the inner-workings of the Mansion and visit the gardens. A “technology timeline” craft is included in the visit.

Around and Around we Go - Lifecycles throughout the Garden (2 hours)

Campers will tour the gardens and grounds to engage in an interactive study of plants, insects and animals.  They will learn the parts and needs of plants and about the benefits of plants in nature.  Lifecycles of butterflies, frogs and plants found at Oatlands will also be explored. Campers also will investigate and understand how plants and animals, including humans, in an ecosystem interact with one another.  A lifecycle craft is included in the visit.

Winter Holiday at Oatlands and Gardens (2 hours)

Campers, during their winter breaks, can tour the magnificent mansion in all its holiday glory!  Each room is decorated and historic themes are explored.  Campers will hear stories and learn about how people celebrated the Yuletide holiday in the past.  Winter garden exploration is also part of their visit to Oatlands.  The gardens are beautiful any time of year.  A holiday craft is included in the visit.

Note: during the winter groups can book the indoor Carriage House meeting room for an “indoor picnic” at no extra charge – based on availability.


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Please Note:

Advance reservations are required. To schedule a field trip for your campers, please contact the Education Department at: education@oatlands.org or call 703-777-3174.

Click here to download the Summer Camp Field Trip Information and Logistics page.