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Carla Johnston

Carla was the Head Gardener from May 1, 2006 to April 22, 2011.  Her motto was: Sustain-Grow-Thrive.  She felt it was important to build a team of employees and volunteers to carefully care for the garden to ensure its health for the future.  As part of that sustainability, she took a long-term, "big picture" approach and created a plan for ongoing maintenance and planting.   

Carla felt it was important to bring back certain things from the Carter (1798-1897) and Eustis (1903-1964) time periods, such as a vegetable garden to reflect the garden's primary function during the Carter time period.  The boxwood allee leading to the Tea House was a creation of Mrs. Eustis, and Carla's team thinned the box wood so the plants could breathe.

Her vision reached beyond the physical garden to the records that document the garden's history.  She and her team sorted through boxes of photographs and papers and organized them into an indexed filing system.

One of Carla's fondest memories is of children in the garden. She felt they brought joy.

Carla viewed the garden as a spiritual place, that it was a living and breathing entity to be nurtured.  She hopes the garden will continue to breathe and give life to everyone who enters.  Carla believes it's a place from which to get solace and rest.

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