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Charlotte Wood

Charlotte worked in the garden for approximately 13 years, starting in 1994.  She did a variety of jobs and one of her favorites was decorating the mansion and property for Christmas.

Two of her favorite spots in the garden were the herb garden and the mixed border.  She remembers the beautiful, old bulbs, a few of which would be dug up each year and sold as a special remembrance of Oatlands’ garden. She recalls the riot of color in the cut garden.

Charlotte was involved in several outreach programs to the community.  There was a children’s garden near the cut garden and the gardeners held special programs for children.  She created a brochure about Oatlands’ historic trees so visitors could learn more as they walked the property.  Charlotte wrote two magazine articles, one about the herb garden and one about the boxwoods.

She recalls the stunning roses at Oatlands. One year the garden staff held a rose seminar, which was well-attended by the local community and beyond.

One of Charlotte’s most extensive projects took place outside of the garden when she spent almost a year-and-a-half writing the application for a Getty Foundation Grant to do an architectural study of the outbuildings:  Greenhouse, Bachelor’s Cottage, Icehouse, Garden Dependency, and the Studio. This highly sought-after grant was awarded to Oatlands and much of the documentation was incorporated into the Master Plan for the property.

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