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Mark Schroeter

Mark Schroeter became Head Gardener at Oatlands in July 2011.  One of his favorite things about working at Oatlands is being surrounded by history.  As he works in the garden, he thinks about the 200 years of people who worked in and cared for the gardens.  Documenting the names in the Garden Shed honors those many gardeners who nurtured the land and kept the gardens thriving for our enjoyment today.

Even though he's been at Oatlands for over two years, there is always something new to learn, such as a new discovery about the property's history or information about a plant.  Visitors love the 4 /12 acres of terraced gardens and many of them stop to talk to Mark while they're walking around.  Mark has met gardeners from all over the world.

A favorite spot of Mark's is the Meditation Terrace because it overlooks the whole garden.  It is the area at the top of the steps near the historic European Larch and the wall fountain.

This past year Mark and the gardeners planted several types of flowers that butterflies like.  One of Mark's warmest remembrances is having a butterfly land on his nose!

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