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The Imanuel (Emanuel) and Virginia Day Family

Imanuel (also Emanuel) Day, born between 1819 and 1828 (census records indicate earlier dates; his death record lists 1828), was the son of Julius and Virginia Day. He married a woman named Virginia (also recorded as Ginnie, Jinny, Jennie, and Jane) at an unknown date but during the time of slavery.  Imanuel and Virginia are listed together on one line in George Carter's will, as shown at right, presumably because they were married.  His father, Julius, is listed below.

Imanuel and Virginia had ten children; only six of them were still alive at the time the 1900 census was taken.  Their son Robert, born circa 1845, is believed to be the oldest.  He is not listed in their household for the 1870 census, but his marriage and death records list Imanuel (Manny) and Virginia as his parents.  Another child, a daughter named Frances born ca. 1850, was also old enough to be on her own by the 1870 census and is not listed with her parents.  However, her marriage record to Bazil Turner lists Imanuel and Virginia as her parents.

Other children born to Imanuel and Virginia Day were:

Hester Day – born ca. 1860

Imanuel Day – born ca. 1866

Westley Day – born 1869 (in 1920, 1930 & 1940 censuses, he and his family were in D.C.)

Julius Day – born 1871 (died August 1948)

Edgar Day – born 1876

Imanuel (the father), died on March 10, 1883, at the age of 55. It is not known when his wife Virginia died, but it was sometime between the 1910 and 1920 censuses.

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