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The Buchanan Family

Robert Buchanan (born about 1819) and other members of his family were enslaved at Oatlands.  His parents were Andrew and Fannie Buchanan (as listed on his death certificate) but it is not known if they were enslaved at Oatlands or elsewhere.  Robert’s wife, Mahala Jackson (born about 1821), was free, which meant their children were born free.  When African Americans were allowed to serve in the Union Army during the Civil War, their son, Martin Van Buren Buchanan (born about 1842), left Loudoun County in May of 1863 and enlisted in the U.S.  Colored Troops.  He served throughout the Civil War.  Afterward, he came back home and, like his father, eventually purchased land in the nearby community of Gleedsville

Robert and Mahala Buchanan had at least six children:

Martin – born about 1842

Virginia – born about 1845

Elizabeth – born about 1853

Susan – born about 1854

Mahala – born about 1857

Fanny – born about 1869

Their daughter Virginia married Jack Gleed in 1875.  The community where the families lived – Gleedsville – is named for him.  Their daughter Elizabeth married Hiram Valentine in 1874, and they, too, lived in Gleedsville.

Robert Buchanan died on March 21, 1885, near Leesburg. 

Martin remained a bachelor until 1892 when he married Amelia Massey (born about 1866) in Washington D.C.  They had at least five children (a son and four daughters):

Mahala – born 1898

Robert – born 1901

Vashti – born 1902

Lucy – born 1903

Amelia – born 1907

Martin was a farmer and, for an unknown period of time, worked in the garden at Oatlands for the Eustis family.  Martin died at the age of 82 on November 5th, 1924 and is buried in the Gleedsville cemetery. 

As did many others from the community of Gleedsville, the Buchanans left Loudoun County in the early to mid-1900s, but many descendants still live in the metropolitan area.









    Martin Van Buren Buchanan