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Oatlands Board of Directors



Mr. Douglas R. Miller, Chair

Mr. Eugene Gulland, Vice Chair

Ms. Pam Jones, Secretary

Mr. Ken Bowen, Treasurer



Dr. Robert Allen

Ms. Jill P. Beach

Mr. George Grayson

Ms. Lynne Kaye

Mr. Ted Lewis

Mr. Rory Maynard

Ms. Susan McMunn



Ms. Betsy Merritt

Mr. Shawn Mitchell

Ms. Vickie Redgrave

Mr. Paul Ritsema

Ms. Katharine Stewart

Mr. Rob Spicer

Ms. Sharon D. Virts

Mr. David F. Williams


Honorary Directors

Mrs. Mimi Abel Smith

Mr. Childs F. Burden

Ms. Elizabeth Ellers

Mr. Grenville Emmet

Ms. Mary Sue Kitchen

Rev. W. Brown Morton