Oatlands Staff

Please dial our main line (703-777-3174) followed by an extension found below, or dial the main line and ask to be transfered. Thank you.
Executive Director Andrea McGimsey                                    Ext. 101 e-mail
Finance Office: Lisa Consolo                                                   Ext. 114 e-mail
Marketing, Membership and Development
Membership Coordinator: Gail Adams                                   e-mail
Special Events Manager: Sandy Cichon                                  Ext. 113 e-mail
Director of Operations: Carolyn McCarthy                             Ext. 107 e-mail
Mission Programs
Director of Programming and Education: Lori Kimball          Ext. 103 e-mail
Horticulture and Gardens: Mark Schroeter                            Ext. 108 e-mail
Buildings and Grounds Supervisor: Charles Alfred e-mail
Preservation Manager: Josslyn Stiner                                     Ext. 106 e-mail
Hospitality Coordinator: Julie Goforth                                     Ext. 100 e-mail

During the season, additional part-time staff includes guides, gardeners, retail associates and event personnel. Volunteer support also greatly enhances the efforts of the staff.

Interested in Volunteering? Call for information!


To ensure that your feedback or inquiries reach the correct department, please read the following:

  • For wedding inquiries, please visit the Weddings tab on the left.
  • For private event property rentals, click on the Property Rentals tab to the left.



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